Detail #2 of Macau
(click to view in original size)

Lo-Res Digital Scan - Jpeg - 4.57 megabytes - 2328 x 1648 pixels, $3

This is a detail scan of the surface of one of my abstract paintings in acrylics. All of these digital images are for sale in a jpeg format for use in ANY reproduction media. You will receive your digital file by email, usable for photograph, poster, t-shirt, calendar, computer wallpaper, backgrounds, myspace, youtube, internet ads, postcard, logo cup, or playing cards. The image you receive will be much larger and more detailed than the image you see here. You MUST check the size of the file BEFORE you buy it. Only hi-res files are recommended for posters because of format size. All sales of digital files are final and nonrefundable.

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